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Welcome to my digital homestead, where creativity and technical expertise converge. I’m Pavel Cherkashin, an accomplished Web Developer and Software Engineer with a robust background in web and mobile development, product management, and strategic leadership. My career is a testament to the transformative power of technology, enhancing both business operations and everyday lives.

One of my latest ventures is Magic Fables, an interactive storytelling platform that combines AI-generated narratives with captivating visuals and voiceovers. Developed out of a desire to see my children’s imaginations flourish, this project underscores my passion for creating tech solutions that touch lives directly.

Prior to Magic Fables, I founded FamilyNotes, a mobile app designed to capture and cherish the fleeting moments of family life. This project highlights my commitment to solving real-world problems with intuitive tech solutions, making everyday moments memorable.

My role as the creator of StartupServices further exemplifies my dedication to empowering entrepreneurs. With a suite of tools and services designed for startups, I leverage my extensive experience in business analysis, project management, and executive leadership to guide the next generation of innovators.

Throughout my career, I’ve held strategic roles such as Head of IT, Chief Technology Officer, and CEO, leading teams and projects across various sectors, including Web and Mobile Development, EdTech, and SaaS. My MBA has equipped me with the business acumen to complement my technical skills, allowing me to effectively bridge the gap between technology and strategic business goals.

In recent years, I’ve transitioned from executive roles to a more hands-on technical position. This shift allows me to get closer to the creative heart of technology, where I find the most direct way to bring ideas to life, solve problems, and make a tangible difference. As a developer, I’m intimately involved in every line of code, user interface decision, and problem solved, staying connected to the evolving tech landscape and maintaining a learner’s mindset.

Thank you for stopping by. Whether you’re here out of professional curiosity or in search of collaborative opportunities, I’m excited to explore how we can harness technology to bring your ideas to fruition.


Solid background in Information Technology

4+ years of experience in Software Development

Optimum (AlticeUSA)

OSP Tech

Cable Provider in US

May, 23 – Now


Software Developer

Reward platform for teens and kids

Mar, 22 – Apr, 23


Software Engineer

B2B Corporate Education Platform

Jun, 21 – Feb, 22


Founder/Product Manager

Mobile app for taking photonotes

May, 20 – Feb, 21

  • Extensive experience in product road mapping, user experience design and development, and market analysis
  • Expert knowledge of product lifecycle management and marketing strategies
  • Strong understanding of Agile methodology and project management tools
  • Proven track record of developing successful products and driving customer satisfaction
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills for collaborating with cross-functional teams
  •  Product Management
  •  SOFTWARE Development

Product Management

  • AGILE/SCRUM, Team leadership
  • Product Roadmaps, UI/UX design
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Market analysis and Marketing strategies

Software development

  • HTML, CSS, JS, React, Next, Node
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Supabase
  • Git, GitHub, GitLab, Docker
  • Hardhat, EtherJS

Business Development

  • Building a company from scratch
  • Business processes automation
  • Finding new B2B opportunities
  • Growing and scaling business


Academy of National Economy and Public Administration


MBA – Top Management


New University



Information Security in Business Entities


Peter the Great Academy



Automated Data Processing and Management Systems


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