My Top-12 plugins for Figma

by | May 2, 2021

Figma is rightfully considered a standard among designers, which is convenient for designing websites, application interfaces, as well as other creatives for social networks. Thanks to plug-ins, Figma’s capabilities can be greatly expanded. Below I present my selection of plug-ins that will help you to increase productivity when working in Figma, and possibly allow you to abandon other third-party tools.

PageClone PageClone – will help you clone selected frames to an existing or a new page.

Color Blind Color Blind – allows you to look at the layout through the eyes of people who have vision problems.

Brandfetch Brandfetch – helps you find color styles, logos, fonts and brand icons.

Dark Mode Switcher Dark Mode Switcher – switches color styles from light theme to dark theme.

Fix San Francisco Fix San Francisco – fixes problems with San Francisco fonts.

Content Reel Content Reel – fills in Frames with different content types (phone numbers, addresses text etc.)

Image tracker Image tracer – helps you make vector logo from PNG file.

Cpellchecker Cpellchecker – plugin, which will help to find errors in text.

Mapsicle Mapsicle – picks up different variants of Google Maps design.

Image Pallet Image Pallet – creates a palette of primary colors from the uploaded photo.

To path To path – places the text along the circle.

Blobs Blobs – creates various complex shapes.