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I’m Pavel Cherkashin. I’m in IT for almost all my life. I had started as a project manager, Chief Security Officer, CEO of several companies (software & hardware development), and now I’m the founder of FamilyNotes – a mobile app for taking photonotes. Also, I have my pet project StartupServices – a collection of tools and services for startups and founders.


FamilyNotes – is a mobile application for taking and sharing photo notes. It’s available for both platforms – IOS and Android, so, you could find it in App Store and Google Play as well.

StartupServices – is a knowledge base for aspiring entrepreneurs and founders so that they could use it and offered to contribute to it as well. Now there are more than 1000 useful services, programs and utilities in the StratupServices database to solve a variety of tasks that may arise when you start a startup.

Sometimes I write About SOMETHING

Top 12 apps for macOS

Top 12 apps for macOS

Once a day, there are a lot of stories on Medium about productivity and even more stories describing apps that the authors use in their daily activities. I will be no exception and will share with readers my set of apps for the Mac. Disclaimer: I've been in the Apple...

My Top-12 plugins for Figma

Figma is rightfully considered a standard among designers, which is convenient for designing websites, application interfaces, as well as other creatives for social networks. Thanks to plug-ins, Figma's capabilities can be greatly expanded. Below I present my...

How to start a business in Estonia?

There are many requests from aspiring entrepreneurs related to starting or relocating a business to Europe. Many EU countries offer their own conditions and programs, in this article we will talk about the E-residency program of Estonia, which is ideal for digital...

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